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2018 136" Low Roof in ID
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Hi all,

I spoke with a dealer today about placing a factory order. Does this look like a reasonable deal?

Promaster 1500, 136", low roof, blue
Options: Speed control, 6-way seats, heated seats, power/heated mirrors, rear door windows, side door window, tow package, sidewall panels, daytime running lights

Sticker: $35,135
Invoice: $33,623
Dealer's offer: $32,446 + $349 doc fee + $14 dmv fee + 6% tax - $1750 factory rebate (or rebate at time of delivery).
OTD price: $32,921.70

The dealer does want a $2000 deposit, to be applied to the purchase price, but non-refundable if I back out. I don't plan to back out, but I'm not super comfortable with losing that much if something unforeseen should occur. Any suggestions for negotiating that bit?

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