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Everyone is invited to PROMASTER CONNECTicut 2023 ! ***REMINDER***

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All are invited to join us at Rocky Neck State Park on the Connecticut Shoreline on Friday May 19 and Saturday May 20 for PROMASTER CONNECTicut 2023.

Last year we had 9 Promaster Van families participate. Based on discussions with many of the participants, I decided to lock in site Osprey OSPR12 where I was located last year for Friday & Saturday. It's a good central site and should serve as an anchor site for any events we may want to have. In addition to the early booking, I'm contacting SquezeInn, hoping he will help co-host the event again!

If you're interested, you should book quickly, because spaces are being booked every day. Many campers want to get out there, and this is the weekend before the Memorial Day Camping Frenzy! Reservations are made at www.reserveamerica.com.

SITES TO BOOK: The Osprey area is a nice shady, yet comfy loop.

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Right now, Osprey sites OSPR02,03,04,05,06,07*,08,09,10,11,12 & 16 are available... *I'm contacting SqueezeInn tonight - he may want to book site OSPR07 again... I hope so! The top of the loop has sites that are not too far away either!!!

These sites are just down the path from a beautiful beach, and are in a nice wooded area. As is typical in many CT State Parks, restrooms, showers, and water is nearby all sites, but no shore power hookups available... but for a few nights, this is a nice spot to stay, compare notes, see how others have built their Promaster, etc.

Like last year, I will be grilling CT's famous Hummels Hot Dogs for our Friday night dinner... my treat! They're great and the perfect supper after a drive to Rocky Neck for the weekend.

Here are a few pics PROMASTER CONNECTicut 2022. We hope for a BIGGER EVENT this year!

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The campsites we stayed in...

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Yep, the beach was open... the 3rd weekend in May!
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Campsites are $20 per night for CT residents, $30 per night for out of state. $9 booking fee.

Lots to do in the area. If you plan on a longer trip, there are 2 Casinos with free over-nighting, and many area attractions to enjoy!

If you reserve a site, please let me know so we can message some details in a group.
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The Squeeze INN is booked in Osprey 7
This is a great weekend kick off to the Camping Travel Season, looking forward to it.

As the unofficial keeper of the weekend activity schedule,
Looking for suggestions on what you would like to discuss or learn from others?
This is a great opportunity to have some experience-based learning.

As we get feedback, Proeddie and i will finalize activities.

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Each camping permit allows for a maximum of two vehicles in the park. Only one four-wheeled vehicle, other than the designated camping equipment, may be parked on a campsite. If a second vehicle is registered to the site, it must be parked in one of the designated areas provided. All-wheels, cars, trailers, etc., must remain on the paved surface of the campsite. All vehicles and equipment should be backed onto the campsite.

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UPDATE: Less than 24 hours and we have an event! Sites are still available at 02,03,04,05 and more at the top of the loop for fellow forum members (they are spread apart a bit, but just a few steps away).

We hope you'll consider joining us!

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Site 4 = Ken and Cheryl (aka... K & C)

We have not been to CT. Will come and visit. 550 mi from Louisville, Ohio (8½ hr)
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