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Espar D2 Diesel Heater (No longer for sale)

No longer for sale.

Slight change of plans in my build/rebuild and I've decided to go with a different heating unit. This one was in the original build which was owned by member Seapro (I'll add a link to his discussion about it.) It has seen very, very little use and Bob "Seapro" didn't do a lot of winter camping and had an electric heater in the van as well. I have used it one single time on my trip back from picking up the van and then started it a few times before removing it.


It works perfectly, and since Seapro's install was completely inside the van none of it was exposed to the elements. I'll also be including the unused 2.5 gallon fuel tank shown in the pictures. This can be used to install the heater in a gas Promaster using Kerosene or diesel. It includes the optional bracket for mounting on a horizontal surface.

This is 95% of what you would need to install, and a few extra parts thrown in that I intended to use in a the modified reinstall. Depending on your setup you may need a longer fuel line, maybe a couple hose clamps, etc. All are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores.

If interested please contact me via private message or post here. I'm asking $500 plus actual shipping charges for it and it can be picked up in person about 1 hour West of Detroit Michigan.


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