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I just received my Espar B4L. Trying to figure out which connector I need for my Aux fuel port. Searched ram bodybuilder and all the forums but seems there is conflicting information? Seems people have used the Dorman 800-081, Doorman 800-186, and Doorman 800-123, and a Fuel Line Quick Connector 1/4” Barb to 3/8” Bundy - I've narrowed it down to the Bundy and the 186.

I ended up purchasing the 3/8 bundy to 1/4 inch after reading about how hard it is to get the fuel line over the barbs on the doorman connector. But now I'm realizing that the Bundy is 3/8 inch and the doorman is 5/16 where it connects to the nipple on the fuel tank.

A woman that installed a heater on a 2014 diesel Promaster used the Bundy that I ordered above and it worked. So will I be fine or will it be the incorrect size to properly attach to the fuel tank? Or should I order the Doorman- 800-186....
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