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If it's time to replace the brakes on your car, check out the section of our new R1 Concepts pads and rotors. This brand is the leading manufacturer and retailer of award-winning automotive braking systems and components. They manufacture brake parts with carbon alloy material and superior silver zinc coating.

These products are designed with an advanced performance formulation, which provides smoother and more predictable responses even over high temperatures. With R1 Concepts brake pads and rotors, your braking system will last longer, cost you less to fix, and ensure safe operation for thousands of miles to come!

R1 Concepts® - Ceramic Series Brake Pads

R1 Concepts® - Performance Sport Series Brake Pads

R1 Concepts® - Super Heavy Duty Series Brake Pads

R1 Concepts® - Optimum OEp Series Brake Pads

View the full list of R1 Concepts Products here: R1 Concepts™ | Automotive Brakes, Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Parts — CARiD.com
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