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Engine Knock?

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My 2014 2500 3.6L with 161K on it has developed what seems to be a engine knock. Am I screwed?

I recently drove the van across country to Utah and after a few weeks of living here I started noticing the sound.

I have not done the oil since arriving but changed it a few days before our trip across. The van seems to run fine overall but sounds awful. The noise seems to dissipate at speed. I do have 2 codes, a P0420 - Catalyst system below threshold Bank 1 and P0430 -Catalyst efficiency bank 2.

I have not been able to diagnose if there is an exhaust leak due to the recent weather out here but it seems like it could be more than a minor issue.

link to video filmed today.

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Sounds like a pretty bad pentastar 3.6 engine tick. Could just be the rockers need replacement if the cam is still in good shape.

This youtube video has an example of the noise on what appears to be an early detection of the tick, go to 2:00 to hear the sound. This is the same engine you have in the van.

Pentastar Engine Tick
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