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I stumbled on Winnebago Travato schematics for all things electrical, plumbing and sealing.
They are more referential than they are instructional, but the drawings are quite detailed. (see thumbnails)

Links below:

http://www.winnebagoind.com/diagram/2017/17_259g_wire.htm (For Travato)

http://www.winnebagoind.com/diagram/Wiring.htm (for all models)


http://www.winnebagoind.com/diagram/Sealant/000200748.pdf (Sealant used to waterproof the roof and accessory panels)

https://www.winnebagoind.com/diagram/Help.pdf (Instructions on how to read schematics)

https://www.winnebagoind.com/diagram (The motherload of all the links)

Hopefully, this helps someone building out their van. I know it'll help me get some good ideas! :nerd:


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Amazing they post all that info online! Not really much help for you however other than a general guide. You can build as well (probably better) for minimal cost yourself as opposed to what they have to do and charge to make a profit.

Read and digest what they do and how they do it, look at as many class B RV's as you can and then decide what fits your needs and budget. You would be shocked at all the needless and unnecessary things they add to a van that you simply can do without.
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