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OK, lot's of stuff ordered, like Bed-rug floor piece, Mirror cam and brake-light replacement camera, Radio-nav unit scheduled at BestBuy, front floor mats placed, etc.
Now windows and insulation.
Do we do windows first or insulation or a hybrid installation ??
We have also ordered the pre-fab pre-cut pre-glued insulation kit (yes I know maybe 3.8 R Ha! but we are going to use them as template and cut more pieces and glue to them before sticking in place) insulation it.

Windows. We only want 3, possibly 4 for our camper converesion.
1 in the sliding door.
1 in each back door.
Possibly one just above bed level drivers side rear.
Where would you order operable (prefer tilt) camper 'type' windows. We are seeing lots of options.
Why so few windows? Less heat or cooling loss. We're outdoor people. If we want a view we'll hike, paddle or cycle to the view :)

Question on Bed-Rug floor liner. I like the idea of it. Quick, simple, durable, some (little) insulation and some (little soundproofing). Evidently it has grooves that match up with the metal grooves of the OEM Promaster floor, BUT what if you wanted to add insulation under it ???
In my mind the best insulation is in the ceiling and there we're shooting for minimum 2 inch thickness.

Your thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

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I'm knee-deep in the same projects with my PM at the moment too, plus a tricky install of two rows of removable seats..

Regarding insulation - If you're putting in the windows right away, do so before insulating. Also, I added about 50sf of Dynamat dampening material randomly on the walls, doors and ceiling before I started adding Thinsulate. I will be skipping the sliding door where I plan to cut out a window, and a roof vent in back
. (or at least I'll plan ahead to make it easy for myself when I get to doing my add-ons.)

I've got the Bed Rug - it fits the floor grooves perfectly and makes the finished surface perfectly flat and fits really well overall. With anything underneath it, the grooves would no longer line up and the top would be uneven.
I'm about to build my floor up by 3/4 -1" or so on top of my BR via some sort of insulation / dampening and then a cheap industrial carpet on top - and this will be a lot easier and nicer with the BR underneath than not..

Hope this helps and good luck -
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