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I will be using my PMC Wagon for work and wanted to maximize the storage without sacrificing the use of the second row of seats. My job will take me to the area where my grandkids live and I want to be able to get them both in the van if I have time to visit.

This is not completely finished and my carpentry, while not neat, is solid.

The base is 4 feet by 4 feet and is bolted to the van using the original hold down attachment points. The bolts closest to the front of the van are accessed through holes in the top of the platform that are covered by the rubber mat on top.

I have installed a 400 watt pure sine inverter to charge the batteries for my tools and to run other small items as needed. The empty shelf next to the inverter is for the chargers to sit while I am driving, I modified this shelf to make it wide enough for the chargers.

You will see a 55 gallon barrel in some of the pics. I have to carry an empty barrel, I never have to carry the barrel when there is anything in it. If it is used it gets left at the site where I used it.

I borrowed the idea for a raised platform with storage under it from many of the owners here who are converting their vans to campers. The drawer is very basic and is just plywood that slides on plastic strips. I did put wheels at the back that prevent the drawer from tilting as you pull it out. The wheels face up and ride the underside of the top of the platform. The left side has a drawer under the platform and the right side is a long open space for larger/longer tools.

You will see where the platform had to be notched to provide clearance for the 2-wide rear seat to be put into the upright position. I did not realize the notch was needed until I had the base made was was fitting it into the van.

When in work configuration I will be using the space behind the folded up rear seats for some items, but if I need to fold down the seats the ladder and any other items will fit in the back. They are more convenient in front of the partition when they seats aren't needed. I'll add some pics of the van fully loaded when I get a chance.

My wife gets credit for the window, which is covered by a window protector you can buy at most hardware stores.

I want to thank everyone on the forum for sharing their ideas and for participating in the discussions.

Picture Gallery of Divider/Storage

Sample Pics:


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Nice job! I'm seriously considering buying a Tradesman for my dog walking business and haven't been able to find a partition that has a sliding window like my Tacoma has. Maybe I'll have to do a custom build like you did. ;)
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