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Question. Interested in getting a used 2015, 1500 diesel Promaster Highroof. I have heard some people say it drives like a train. The payload listed on the Dodge website is pasted below.
This may be a dumb question, but, if diesel engine is supposedly stronger, why are the payloads lower for them on this chart than the gas versions?
I will be carrying some metal carts and metal stands that may weigh a lot.
And so would I be making a mistake getting a diesel vs gas of the same model?

Lastly, I thought the differences in payload would be higher between 1500 vs 2500 but it is only like 200 lbs. Am i missing something or is there other major differences I should know about? My main concern is being able to carry a large payload without the engine struggling.

If there's anyone with insight that would be much appreciated.

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