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Hi there, after a couple of years of reading the many posts and builds on this site, I'm finally making my first post!

I'm in the market for a used 3500 Ext. Diesel and obviously I will probably be forced to sacrifice some of my desired options given the short supply of this vehicle on the used market, in Canada no less.

My questions pertain to adding factory options after the fact, eg. buying from third parties, or buying from the dealer. Here is my list of wants, any experience from fellow members would be appreciated.

Leather Steering Wheel - at $75 from the factory this is a great option, however I fear it will be expensive to retrofit, especially if the airbag is involved. Anybody done this modification?

Backup Cameras - I know there are kits available, any recos? I would actually like the rear view mirror version that is always on as I don't plan to have rear windows?

Parking Sensors - anyone used the ones from rearviewsafety?

Bluetooth, Stereo, Navigation - Anybody buy a PM without radio (or the base version) have any recos for aftermarket headunits that allow for seamless integration of phone, nav, stereo, backup camera?

I plan on adding the CRL window to the passenger slider - will this fit in the hole of the factory window?

Thanks a lot.

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Regarding the CRL windows, I had one installed on the passenger side sliding door and rear doors. They are just as good as original. Can't tell the difference. Got them installed by G Lebeau, a local windshield installer.
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