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Someone critique my wiring layout from these pictures and tell me if I've left anything out. I have a 200ah battery with a location to add a 2nd one. I still need to strap down the battery. I have 1/0 gauge wire going from the battery into pos and neg 250A capacity bus bars. I also have 1/0 cable going from the neg bus bar to a chassis ground at the back of the battery.

I then have 8 ga wire going from the two bus bars to a Blue Sea 12v fuse block, with the pos wire going through a 40A breaker. The individual circuits are wired with 12 gauge wire.

I still need to add the cables going from the panels to the charge controller and then from there to the bus bars. I'll need a fuse or breaker in that line but not yet sure which side of the charge controller it needs to go on, or both.

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