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Coolant leak.... again... list for dealer

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So, my engine light came on today, I believe its the coolant level. Ive been researching this for months. Took in to the dealer about 4 months ago. Level keeps dropping... you know the story.

This time Im going in with a list of possible things to check. Im including a PDF of the list.

Did I miss anything?

Thanks guys - Scott

Also posting this on the promoter owners facebook page


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Ours has never smelled or leaked. I would bet most don't, but that doesn't help your situation.

It's also worth mentioning for those new here that it's also perfectly normal for the coolant level to stay near (+/-) the MIN mark, and to mysteriously return to that sweet spot even after adding coolant. As long as you don't smell coolant, and it doesn't drop below its sweet spot, it's not leaking.
Where is the added coolant going?
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