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I saw so many fancy and luxurious campers.
But I just want to weeks of travel camper, light and boondock available.
Though I don't have electrical knowledge and carpentry skill,
I do have plenty of time after retirement.
I finish my conversion in two months with $5,000.
Of course, it does not have many conveniences but I can stop by wherever I want.
Now I can travel free, not like mail delivery for the sake of the next reservation.
Here are some of the pictures.
Property Wood Flooring Floor Gas
Light Flooring Wood Automotive design Gas

Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain Material property
Kitchen sink Property Sink Countertop Tap

Property Building Wood Interior design Floor
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Plant Wood Building Table Gas

Property Wood Motor vehicle Floor Hardwood

World Gesture Font Art Midnight

Do you remember your first dream?
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