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I hate windhield suction-cup mounts and didn't want to rely on adhesives to attach anything to the dash. And drilling directly into the the dash was out of the question for me. So, I decided that the clipboard panel was easily replaceable and OK to modify for a better purpose. That purpose is a powered mount for my dashboard gadgets. Those include my Garmin Nuvi, Uniden radar detector, and new Scangauge 3.

I completed this project many weeks ago, but just got around to sharing the idea and photos. Here's how I put it together...

The mount is based on an imported accessory for motorcycles intended to attach to the handlebar clamps and provide a "fake" handlebar that sits above for the purpose of mounting electronics (smartphones, navigators, radar detectors, etc).

First, I drilled two holes in the clipboard panel and mounted the "Motowolf" handlebar accessory. And then I drilled a 1 inch hole for snapping in a wire pass-through (the kind made for desks and other furniture).
View attachment 88040

Next, I adhesive-mounted a triple 12V accessory (cigarette lighter) outlet dongle onto the bottom side of the clipboard panel.
View attachment 88041

After that, I installed some handlebar mounts made by Arkon that use the Garmin 17mm ball to attach to a Nuvi navigator, but also can attach to a standard AMPS plate for other devices.
View attachment 88043

Finally, I plugged in the power adapters for the gadgets, and then dressed and tied down the cables.
View attachment 88042

Here's the final result during the day with power off.
View attachment 88044

And here it is at night with the engine running.
View attachment 88045
I like this set-up and might try something similar. One question...where do you tap into a power supply for all the 12v stuff? Always hot or ignition on only? Thanks!
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