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Apologies to the #vanlife crowd, but this one’s for vans that don’t get slept in (much!).

Inspired by the concept of the weatherguard pack rat (but turned off by the relatively small size and price), I’ve built myself a two tier storage system. It uses a 6' bedslide (commonly deployed in pickup trucks and readily available on craigslist for not-too-much-$$$ if you're patient), cut down to about 40" wide, and enclosed with a 4' deep platform on which I can throw more crap. The 4' platform means that the stuff at the front of the bedslide is accessible when everything is closed up. Plus, typical bedslides only extend 75%, so you wouldn't really want to have those bins tucked away at the back. And, as an added bonus, when you pull the bedslide out a bit (mine locks at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 -- I think the really cheap ones only lock at full out and in), you get an easy walk to the shelving on the driver's side. The top is 1-1/8" ply, which is overkill, but it's what was handy. There's a 4" trough between the bedslide and the shelving on the driver's side for upright sheet goods.

Attachment-wise, there are basically 3 crosspieces with a few holes on each of them. I got lucky in that the middle one corresponded with one of the (cross-wise) reinforcement struts under the van and I was able to use existing holes in that strut. The front bolts are only through flooring, so I'm thinking seriously about a metal plate that'll tie into the adjacent reinforcement strut. That said, standard install for these seems to only be rivnuts through a truck bed, so maybe I'm overthinking the whole affair.


Motor vehicle Wood Automotive exterior Gas Bumper


Motor vehicle Trunk Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Computer hardware

Side view when closed -- full access to the stuff that's at the front of the bedslide:

Gas Automotive exterior Machine Automotive design Metal

Side view when open:

Product Electrical wiring Wood Machine Engineering

Now I just need to figure out something for the stepladders... maybe another layer to the platform ;)
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