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(cross posted from the Transit forum, as I'm looking for the same info for the ProMaster)

Its been known for a helluva long time that red light is easier on the eyes at night. Ask any astronomer or photographer. So why... why do we have vehicles with white or greenish white backlighting for the dashboard gauges?

I've had far too many years now driving cars with red or orange backlight for the dashboard gauges and console controls. (Audi, BMW, Mini) It really is the way to go; I can do long night drives with minimal eye strain. So I cringe when I drive by folks at night with their white dash lights turned up so high they might as well have a 60w lightbulb in their face.

Any time I have to drive a 'classic' American vehicle with a near white, or that old super pale green backlight, its painful. Heck, I've even seen some new vehicles recently that had BLUE backlight. WTF?

Please, please tell me that the dash backlights are red, orange, or something close.

If we do end up with a ProMaster, and dash lights aren't of that color, first project will be tearing the dashboard apart, and I really don't want to do that.
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