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Super Simple Sun block Shades for the back windows. For the front I ordered a shade for sprinter and I use window screens for the driver and passenger side. This kit was for six back windows. You can't get much cheaper or easier than this and it's pretty dark when done.

Start with Reflectix 24" x 300" roll at Lowes $24.00
Suctions Cups Frogs Feet on Amazon $10 pack of 4 huge suction cups, I used three packs or two suction cups per window. I liked these because the hooks make mounting to the Reflectix super easy and an added benefit you could hang something if you want.

Take the Reflectix and make a small "cut" force the suction cup through the hole with the the cup one end and the hook on the other. You can use duct tape to reinforce the Reflectix if your cut is to big our you don't want it to tear. These suctions cups might be over kill, they really are stick and sometimes leave a little goo on your window, but they stick to everything...they are crazy sticky.

Reflectix - I only needed one roll to do my entire rear windows. - to back, and two large on each side. Did not do front window or Driver/Passenger front.

Suctions Cups-These are crazy strong, you could maybe try something not so overkill, but the amazon reviews were solid.

Mount through small slit on foil

The added benefit when these are up you have hooks inside your van

Reinforce with duct tape if you want

Done- I only needed two cups per cut out on top as I like to hang them like a curtain so I can still use vents on my vented windows. Just roll them up when not used.

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