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Cargo door and slider hinges

Found this on line from a 2015 Ram Promaster City Canadian owners manual.


Found on page 338-339.

Body Lubrication
Locks and all body pivot points, including such items as seat tracks, door hinge pivot points and rollers, liftgate, tailgate, decklid, sliding doors and hood hinges, should be lubricated periodically with a lithium based grease, such as MOPAR® Spray White Lube to assure quiet, easy operation and to protect against rust and wear. Prior to the application of any lubricant, the parts concerned should be wiped clean to remove dust and grit; after lubricating excess oil and grease should be removed. Particular attention should also be given to hood latching components to ensure proper function. When performing other underhood services, the hood latch, release mecha- nism and safety catch should be cleaned and lubricated.
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