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How goes it Promaster community!

Purchased a used 2017 Promaster 2500 with 15k miles on it, so pretty much new. After what seemed like 100 hours of insulation research, I still cant make up my mind weather I want to instal insulation or not.

Currently living in Santa Cruz and will likely stay here or as far north as Oakland for the next few years - temperatures range from lowest 40 degrees to at MOST 90.

** I'd love to hear from California (or similar temperature ranges) van dwellers and their experience with or without insulation **

I'm honestly leaning towards going with out and heres my argument (please I'd love to hear arguments against them!) :

Moisture/ condensation:
Installing a maxxfan to allow good ventilation to combat the moisture.
Rain shields on the windows so I can crack them even when its raining.

Cold weather:
Investing in a really good sleeping bag and heavy blankets. I also have a big doggo I cuddle with :)
Ive also heard good things about small heaters??

Wearing earplugs if its ever loud - not much of a worry though, very heavy sleeper.

If its ever a nice hot day, I can't imagine wanting to spend it in a van???
Maxx fan and windows down and a quick drive around the block seems like it would cool it down.

I see my van as mainly a sleeping vessel, I'm going to be spending a majority of my time outside of it. I don't need it to be a luxurious thing where I'm needing for it to be comfortable all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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I still cant make up my mind weather I want to instal insulation or not.
Hey, Nikko! What did you end up doing about this?

After several years with the bare metal I'm thinking about putting some Thinsulate and some rattletrap in for these SF nights and for the ambient noise. It's more expensive than rigid foam but it conforms well. I have to be super careful about toxicity.


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