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Butcher block countertop - should I seal it?

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We have this butcher block countertop and it is currently not sealed or varnished. I try to keep up with applying Howard brand oil and wax, but it seems to not last very long. Should I seal it, and if so, with what? Danish oil, or some type of polyurethane/varnish, or ? We do food prep on it (not directly on it of course) so that might be a consideration.

We live in the PNW so it is frequently humid during winters and then quite dry during summer, and I worry that this cycling will make the blocks separate or I will otherwise somehow inadvertently ruin this very nice counter. I did not install it, so I do not know what type of wood it is, where it came from etc.


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I too live in the PNW, but spend significant time in the southwest when camping. I have a soft maple butcher block top. I just rub on a food grade wax/mineral oil periodically. I do food prep on the surface. It looks used and, after two years there is a minor crack in one of the glue lines. Since my interior is not nearly as posh as the ones, above, the countertop looks just fine. If I wanted posh, I would have used hard maple and urethane and cutting boards.
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