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Butcher block countertop - should I seal it?

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We have this butcher block countertop and it is currently not sealed or varnished. I try to keep up with applying Howard brand oil and wax, but it seems to not last very long. Should I seal it, and if so, with what? Danish oil, or some type of polyurethane/varnish, or ? We do food prep on it (not directly on it of course) so that might be a consideration.

We live in the PNW so it is frequently humid during winters and then quite dry during summer, and I worry that this cycling will make the blocks separate or I will otherwise somehow inadvertently ruin this very nice counter. I did not install it, so I do not know what type of wood it is, where it came from etc.


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An oil finish renewed regularly will last forever. A hard finish is going to be vulnerable to abrasion, standing water, etc., even if you baby it. When moisture creeps underneath, the finish will fail.

Mineral oil with wax. Wipe it on warm, wipe off. Schedule:

Once a day for a week
Once a week for a month
Once a month for a year
As needed thereafter
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