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Ten days ago my Ducato was hitten by heavy pieces of ice coming from the roof of a semi-trailer coming in the opposite direction of the road. The collision has broken the left bumper corner and the plastic inside the wheel arch. Saturday I fixed everything by myself in just one our. I have bought on eBay the two pieces for 62€ including shipping.
The wheel arch lining is different from the original.
The original covers and protects only the area in front of the wheel, the aftermarket one covers all the arch. The Ducato has no problems of rust but I have thought to protect all the wheel arches buying the other three linings.
The components are very cheap buying them on eBay and almost everybody can mount them by himself.
I hope these cheap parts will be available in the US soon.
The bumper corner costs € 30.
The wheel arch lining € 20.
In the past I changed also the two taillights € 23 each...
Not Mercedes Benz prices! :)

I'm waiting for the diesel to buy one for my American company...
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