I am nearing the end of my ProMaster 3500 build out and needless to say I overbought certain things along the way. I’m not sure of the best way to sell them off so I thought of this forum. They are not ProMaster specific so I’m trying to abide by the forum rules. And these are pick up only in CT.

Lets start with the bigger items:
Two rolls of 10’ x 5’ Thinsulate thermal & acoustic insulation. It is vacuum sealed and has been since I bought it. I just got too much From Vanlife Outfitters. They sell it for approx $95 per roll but I’d take $150 for both.

Anyone adding a deck to their van (or need a small amount for a home project)? I have two 10’ gray composite boards and three 4’ boards. They are 5.5” wide and approx 1” thick. I know it’s not much but might be just what you need for a back or top deck or for storage. Asking $50 for all.

Also, I have one full sheet of white fiberglass textured paneling (4’ x 8’). Lowes sells this for approx $38 each. I have additional larger “scraps” which are still very usable just not needed. Looking for $35 if interested.

in addition to these larger items, I have lots of electrical parts & supplies that seem too minor to list. But if you’re in the area or interested in the bigger items, I can show you. I just want the items to go to use and not end up in a dumpster or landfill. I’m flexible on prices and will sell items together or separate.

I’m also adding a few pics but can send more if you’re interested. Come thru CT! Thanks in advance.