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I have a 2017 2500 High roof with 59k on it, 75% highway miles. What kind of wear are you guys getting on your brakes? I have the van at the dealer right now for a recall of something else, but the service writer calls me and says the front pads are metal on metal. The trouble is that I looks at the pads about 2 weeks ago when I got a flat so I called BS! I tell the guys, I have to see the pads myself, lets see what happens tomorrow. BTW, they have had the van from last friday and today is tuesday and they haven't started the recall work yet after they said it would be done in 1 day.馃憥馃憥

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Well, I suppose if you want to pay a dealer three times as much for a brake job than you could do it for yourself I would say "do it" but the front brakes on these are extremely HD not to mention simple and inexpensive to diy. Unless your rotors are scored or in really tough shape you could probably just throw a set of high quality pads in it yourself in under 2 hours (first time) and $50 for pads. I think I replaced mine at about 70k+

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An independent shop that has demonstrated honesty is your answer. I searched for years when I moved about 10 years ago and found Andy who will do what you need, will instal your parts (slightly higher rate) and won鈥檛 do anything you don鈥檛 need. He is faster than I am, charges $60/hour IIRC and chain smokes. Well you can鈥檛 win them all!
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