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Boondogger's Shakedown trip to Alaska

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I worked on my van all summer in the Arkansas heat. It is not fully finished but it is fully functional. I will eventually post a build thread.

I didn't post about my Alaska trip previously because I knew I would hear a lot about how I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But I have driven the Alcan a few times. The last time I drove it was when I moved from Alaska to Arkansas. I had a teenage autistic son in the car with me. I figured if I could do that, then taking 3 dogs to Alaska would be a piece of cake. I was right.

Currently in Seward, AK. I used to live here so I am moochdocking. I am seriously considering establishing a summer place here and doing this trip every year. I am currently teleworking and that is working out fine.

My Bluetti AC200P and my 525 watts of solar are doing a fantastic job at keeping everything going. Even with coastal Alaska rain and clouds I have not dipped below 70% charge. I am mostly running fridge, lights, and fans. I have occasionally heated water but no heavy cooking yet.

I brought about 30 gallons of water and that lasted 2 weeks. I have a simple water system with portable jugs and a rechargeable faucet.

All 3 dogs are doing well. I have plenty of room for more dogs. HA!

Enjoy the pics!

Dog Blue Dog breed Comfort Carnivore

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Leisure Metal

Cloud Sky Plant Car Ecoregion

Lake Audubon, North Dakota. Excellent boondocking site!

Sky Cloud Plant Building Land lot

Kennecott National Historic Landmark in Wrangell St. Elias National Park. GO!
Sky Cloud Plant Mountain Vehicle

Somewhere in the Yukon Territory
Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car

Welcome to Canada.
Cloud Water Sky Mountain Natural landscape

Holgate and Surprise Glaciers. Kenai Fjords National Park
Water Lake Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Natural landscape Calm

Orcas near Cape Aialak
Water Vertebrate Lake Carnivore Mustelidae

Sea Otters near Rugged Island
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You should document some of your trip on YouTube! Thanks for posting such beautiful scenery. I’d especially love to know how you manage to care for all the dogs in the van during the long road trip.

I’d love to take my dog to Alaska some day. Until then, we’ll have to live vicariously through you!

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Just crossed back into US in ND. They inspected the van. Fortunately they let me keep the salmon, moose, and caribou in my freezer.

They should have kept the 100 lbs of Canadian mud attached to my traction boards.

While I am grateful they work so well I am not sure what to do with them now. Haha

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Well the joke’s on them because the salmon, moose, and caribou were full of drugs, and what looked like 100 lbs of mud was really 45 kilos of the purest Canadian meth ever cooked in a campervan by the one known on the street as Boondoggzenberg.

Congratulations sir, you just broke bad.
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