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Driving the 2014 Ram ProMaster
This is a decidedly odd vehicle. There's much to recommend, yet there are several factors against, as well. For a working vehicle, presumably to be used by large men, the leg space is really quite restrictive. Several colleagues found their legs pressed against the console area, and one tall fellow's head actually pressed against the ceiling of the 2014 Ram ProMaster.

The 36.3-foot turning radius of the short wheelbase is amazing, rivalling a car's manoeuvrability. The V6 we drove is instantly responsive, surprisingly light on its wheels, and has a backup camera, huge mirrors, and windows in both partition and rear doors to aid visibility.

Neither my tall driving partner nor I could adjust the steering wheel to a comfortable position in the 2014 Ram ProMaster. Telescoping, but not tilting, it’s rather flat, plate-like awkwardness is magnified by the spokes which make the proper 9-and-3 hand position impossible.

However, the ProMaster handles very well with none of the ponderousness usually associated with a commercial vehicle. The tiny little Navigation system works well, and is an unexpected bonus in the segment.

The cargo area is positively voluminous in height, thanks to a frame that doesn't have to sit on top of the transmission, driveline and differential. The 2014 Ram ProMaster's load floor is 7" lower than its nearest competitor, and it's the only one in its segment to accommodate a loaded pallet from either side or rear doors.

With its tight turning ability, the Ram ProMaster is the most at home on busy streets - an important factor for the busy contractor with multiple deliveries.

Fuel economy ratings aren't available yet, but Ram claims the ProMaster will be "best in segment." U.S. estimates put it in the 20mpg range or 11.7L/100km.
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