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Hi. Just catching up on posts - I have been travelling for 4 months in my promaster.

I used the ArkPak and liked it a lot. I liked the fact that all the functions I needed were already worked out and tested. I needed that because electricity still seems pretty magical. When out boondocking (much of the time), the solar panel provided enough electricity to keep the battery charged, though I also used the 12v charger via the cigaretter lighter plug and also the 110 volt charger when available.

I installed a 100 amp hour battery in the Arkpak (Amazon) and powered that with a very nice solar panel (100 watts) from Renogy (Amazon). Energy from the solar panel needs a controller - (Renogy® 30 Amp PWM Charge Controller with LCD Display). I am considering adding another 100 watt panel.

It powers two LED lights (Green LongLife 9090111 LED RV Reading Light Fixture with Brushed Nickel finish and MR16 base LED Bulb 12v) that require very little power.

It is hardwired to power a 1 ton winch and a fantastic fan,. It recharges computer gear and phones.

The inverter (converts 12v to 110v) is small so no using hair dryers or vacuums or microwaves. But also having a small capacity inverter means you don't drain your battery too quickly.

I have no doubt that an electrical whiz could assemble components to do the same thing more cheaply but this worked for me.
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