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2018 3500 EXT Camper Conversion in CT (TX for now due to Covid)
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There are many ways, depending on the metalurgy of the hub and bolt.

Welding on a bolt might be possible, but depending on how cross threaded it is it might break off too. If there is enough of the bolt left you might just be able to thread on two nuts and skip the welding. Since it is broken off I will assume you can get the wheel off. Heat applied to the hub to slightly expand it might allow the bolt to be loosened, but you don't want to weaken the wheel hub, so you must be gentle.

You might be able to drill it out (carefully). If you can drill out the center you might be able to heat the hub (carefully) and use a large extractor.

Depending on the value of your time and comfort with these processes, maybe buying a new hub is the easier option.
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