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Most traction boards have holes in them, you could add flat crossbars between your trays and align them with holes in the boards and have a bolt sticking up from the crossbar. Then some knobs to go on the bolts and hold the board in place. If you can't find knobs that work with the holes in the boards, you can use two bolts at each bar and then two knobs and an aluminum bar between, but it means you have to undo 4 knobs to remove the board instead of just two.

You could get fancy and have a channel on one end that you put the end of the board into, then the bolt/knob on the other end to hold it in place, but you would probably need foam/rubber in the channel to keep it from rattling & wearing through the board.

In case my verbal description is no good, this is what we did, although they're mounted under the bed. We used carriage bolts through the bed plywood.
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