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Any simple ideas for mounting my traction boards?

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Bought a pair of Tred Pro recovery boards. There is one perfect spot they fit - cross ways on the roof, between unistrut side rails in the E-W direction, and between 2 solar panels in the N-S direction.

The existing cross members they would sit between are one unistrut and one aluminum angle, which both span across the top of the rails. I'd like the traction boards to sit down about an inch from the bottom of the cross members to be as low as possible and not shade any solar panels or be too visible.

So I'm thinking maybe something spans the gap between the crossmembers like the image below. That would form a "tray", but I would need some way to secure the top. I could just bungee it, but there may be a more secure simple way to do this?

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Diagram