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4 days and in our area, well within 3 hours of our area.
First, cooking outside in the Smokies at Cades Cove Campground

View of the rig from the rear all splayed out while Poof works the propane
double burner-

Tarp deployed. We decided to go with a two pole system for more coverage-

Poof doing some food prep with the microwave-

This campsite at the base of Fontana dam-

This campsite was way way over priced at $40/night :( But it did have some
great views-

And our view at night was stellar-
[/url]Fontana dam base campsite by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr[/img]

Things to report on...
The Basecamp shower works a charm EXCEPT the junction at the shower head leaks bigtime. Other
than that it is quick and efficient and means a shower about anywhere.

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Addendum. One o-ring from the o-ring box and the leaking shower head tube junction
was quickly solved. Now I can give the Boss Basecamp a glowing review.
Another new item I can give 10 stars too is the JBL Charge 3 speaker.
As mentioned in a prior report the Axxess TV has a great picture but lame sound. I used
an auxiliary cable to connect it to the TV and the sound is wonderful. Happily there is a
12v outlet nearby for periodic USB charging of the speaker. The speaker is waterproof if
that means anything to anyone here :)

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Dang, what a RIG !!!! And what a campsite. I'm envious . We joined at the same time and you're already OUT THERE. I do have a crib, now heated , light system inside and out on its own battery. good enough for me.

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Yep we're out there but remember we went plug-n-play as much as possible using kits
everywhere we could. Plus we have no official plumbing system and that in itself really
reduces complexity and build time.
We have a tad over three weeks total now living in the van via two trips and in those three
weeks we've not wished for a real bathroom.
KND you'll get there, just a matter of time. We're down to the artistic expression of the finish
mouldings-Poof said she wanted to take her time and enjoy that. It was a bit of a pressed rush
to get done what we did, but I'm the function type over looks and artistry.

Winston, the aerials.
One is for over the air TV broadcast (flying saucer) and the other is a Weboost trucker's antenna
for the cell phone.
On this most recent trip to the Smokies and surrounds both did absolutely nothing. For the majority of
the trip we were in deep and steep mountains with zero bars.
They are conversation starters, and you know as a PM conversion owner you are going to get compliments
and questions just based on the overall look.
We've further complicated the look with a custom license plate on the front, 'MMan-Poof' complete with a more than required
number of umlauts that resulted in a fellow camper at one of the campgrounds in Florida asking if we shipped it
over from Europe.
Finally, yes we drive with them in the position shown. The trucker's antenna is on a big spring (OEM) and has some
flex to it. The flying saucer is in a fixed position.
Here is an image (already posted in another thread) showing the Weboost amplifier. It is a seriously solid (heavy)
piece under the monitor control panel and attached to the back wall of the cabinet. I can also report happily that it
does get very very warm in operation but not hot enough (after 4 days of use) to heat up the Penda Liner wall.

More thoughts on the flying saucer.
I wish it was available in black.
I could alter the Vantech mounting piece and then remove two joints from the 1byone TV antenna mount, but
if I do the flying saucer will then be even with the airconditioner.
Also, it is rare that I drive, anytime or anywhere---it's just something Poof loves to do; and her knowing the aerials
are there drives home the point that we are already tall and that makes her more conscious when manipulating
the rig here and there.

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what kind of bike rack ? How does it mount ?

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Thanks. Love the bike rack.
Fiamma Carry Bike
4 screws through the back door.
Very secure.
We added two cable locks.
You have choice of bikes up high or low.
We chose high to harden the situation for thieves and decrease road grime.
For me 6 foot takes a stool to easily mount/dismount.
Recommend this rack almost hight, almost because Fiamma is too proud of it ;)
Another reason up high, our two bikes are almost 9K so personally I'd rather the
PM take a hit than my bike, a lot of customization on it. Got my fork in Oz, Ti to
match the rest of the bike. Poof would disagree though with this sentiment.
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