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Another "I installed CRL windows" thread!

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For those who may be planning on a window install, here's some pics of my project.

Mission: CRL windows to be installed at the back corners, both sides... 159wb PM

Progress: One side done!

Ribs removed... I noticed that on pictures of OEM windows, the back rib remains and the glass is in two pieces. CRL glass is all one piece...7' long!
Vehicle Car

I made a template from 1/4" plywood. I cut it the size of the window glass, then transferred measurements to cut the hole. Figured it would be easy to just attach the whole template to the wall of the van and cut along the pattern. Worked great. Window fit on the first try.

Automotive exterior Grille Vehicle

It was worth using a $20 piece of plywood to create a solid one piece pattern.
I drilled two 1/4" holes in center area and bolted the template in place so it wouldn't move while cutting.

It made the job a lot easier, and the shoe of the jigsaw rode on the plywood, so no scratching of the paint. The other side will use the same template (other side of plywood facing out- same pattern) and I just need to cut a piece off to fit over the track for the sliding door. Medium TPI metal cutting blade worked well.

I did remove and grind about 1/16" at one end of the top to match existing window, then painted on a thin coat of paint to avoid rust. Not sure if needed, because the seal is pretty tight, but can't hurt. Tough to paint the edge, but I got a thin coat on.

Wood Table Tool Floor Hardwood

Vehicle Transport Car Automotive exterior Van

Inside view... window in place

Vehicle Glass Automotive mirror Auto part Automotive window part

Outside view

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Van

When I started researching windows, posts on the forum help me plan my install. I appreciate all who shared their work!

Other side? tomorrow!

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Another "I installed CRL windows" thread!

Please be absolutely certain you have cleaned up the metal shavings after you cut (even if you have them professionally installed). I cleaned very well and even washed and waxed the area after installation and I still found tiny rust specks in the paint. I'll have to buff and wax each area.

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