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Aloha to all from Hawaii!!! Just got a 2015 PMC Wagon SLT about 3 weeks ago and love it!
After driving an 04 Ram 1500 4X4 AWD Laramie for the last 12 years, I needed something that could still carry all my gear (musician, guitarist, audio engineer, etc...), accommodate a soon to be 85 year old dad, be great on gas, and be something my wife would not be afraid to drive (5ft tall and a partially numb foot does not make for a good driver behind a HEMI...!) It also has to hold itself doing a drive that involves a long and slow uphill incline to work and back everyday...something my truck has no problem doing.

Researched so many vehicles...Transit Connects, NV200, even the larger PM's...the PMC fit my needs (cuz after all, I'm a Dodge Guy), but Hawaii has such a limited supply of them. And, the dealer had some strange configurations on some of the PMC's in stock, such as:

-Wagon SLT with no 2nd row seat and power windows on the sliding doors...!??!
-2 white cargo versions with 2nd row seating and NO rear windows.

-and then the one I purchased...Silver metallic SLT Wagon with premium hubcaps, 5.0 UConnect without backup camera, 2nd row seating with vented sliding door windows, and carpeted rear cargo space. No spare tire, only the air comp. and fix a flat. Love the Silver metallic, as the center grill section up front matches the rest of the vehicle...probably the only thing that really irritated me about the PMC.
It was the dealer demo also, so got a pretty killer deal on it. I have since added:

-Weather Tech cut to fit floor mats. (hardest decision to date for the PMC!!!)
-Cargo bar across back wall for my clothes...this **** vehicle has no hangers!
-per Hawaii State law-35% tint on driver and passenger front window, limo tint on the rest! dark and cooler inside temp!
-Pioneer HVT compact powered subwoofer under driver's seat. (WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!)

I have so much plans for the PMC down the road, but know now, after much research, that the PMC is a rough one to find aftermarket parts for. So I will pay close attention to the forum as people find parts for their PMC's and share. I will do the same, also! Great to be part of the forum! Aloha!

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Welcome and please be sure you post under PMC specific threads so as not to confuse and be confused. It's a good idea to always put PMC in the tread title, not PM.

The administration is working on splitting up the two but because of some massive misunderstandings between them it hasn't happened yet.
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