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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post this and see if anybody knows the answer and/or can confirm what I am being told, as I am getting conflicting information and I would hate to burn my van down....lol.

I'm in the process of setting up the following:

Interstate 31M-AGM Sealed Deep Cycle RV/Marine Battery
(2) 100 Watt Renogy Solar Panels going through their "Wanderer" Solar Charge Controller.

This is an independent system of the starter battery and engine/alternator.

The Renogy Wanderer has 3 options on the front of the Charge Controller to select the type of battery you are using: Sealed, Flooded or Gel.

I called Renogy customer service and asked, since I am using an AGM battery, which option should I select. I was told to use the "Gel" setting on the Charge Controller.

I felt the person answering my question wasn't quite sure of their answer, so I called them again two days later and asked the same question. The person said that I needed to call the battery company and ask them if the battery is able to equalize or not. If it IS able to equalize, then I should use the "Sealed" option. If it is NOT able to equalize, then I should use the "Gel" option.

So, then I called Interstate and after going through 3 people, I got a guy that sounded like he knew what he was saying. He said that the 31M-AGM battery is able to equalize if it is used by itself, but if it's in a battery bank of multiple batteries, then it cannot.

Sooooooo, since I am only using one battery, I will select "Sealed" on the Solar Charge Controller, right? :)

Thanks for the help!


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Did you read the instruction manual with your charge controller? It should give you the information you need. I often find the folks answering the phone have not. The AGM battery is both a "sealed" and "gell" battery so I don't think one setting or the other will make appreciable difference. To equalize the battery is an occasional high charge that gets all the cels to the same state of charge. Be aware equalizing does desulafate the battery plates and that removes some of their surface reducing their life in a different way than the sulfating does. No free lunch. I would probably err on the side of not equalizing batteries that are actively being used and once or twice a year desulfate batteries that were somewhat inactive. See this link for how to equalize AGM batteries manually.

Oh neither will burn up your van!

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Agreed! I have the setup you are describing only with 300 w of solar and no problems at all. I keep my Tracer controller set on sealed (AGM) # 7 I believe it is on my controler.
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