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18.1 mpg...Love this!
Space and load capacity...Love this!
Quietness, I have the divider with sliding window...Love this!
Engine power...Love this!
U Connect system, other than having to reconnect to bluetooth constantly...Love this!
Seat belt chime...HATE THIS!!! Is there a way to tone it down?
Lack of tilt wheel...Hate this! What were they thinking?
Still trying to get accustomed to all the different controls...I'm coming from an E 250
Got a list started for the dealer...Folding mirror on passenger side doesn't return to the right position.
Squeaky leaf spring bushing on drivers side.
The latch on rear door drivers side on the bottom doesn't always latch.
I have smelled the anti freeze a time or two so far so its looking like the radiator issue.
The electric windows seem awful slow...almost straining it seems.
No real brake squeal problem yet...Got about 4000 miles on it now.
Overall real happy with the performance and mileage, handling and just all around driveability.
Have to be real careful with a forklift in the back as it can get into the back up camera since it sticks out so far!
I will be extremely satisfied with my purchase as long as the above issues are resolved in a timely manner!

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I have noticed the slow windows too when I first got my PM. Now one year later it is fast now.
Had an E350 also before this . Took me awhile to get use to the controls.
Was putting the wipers on when shifting out of park lol!

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The bottom rear door latch is an issue on all of our promasters, as well as the coolant smell.
Windows and controls get forgotten about after a few months.

We have an issue blowing through brakes in 30k miles and we really dont carry too much weight, maybe 2500 -3000 lbs inc the upfit.

Sliding door can be hard to pop open in direct sun / hot temps

Other then that nothing major

All 2014's
#1 @ 66k miles (smashed up currently)
#2 @ 31k
#3 @ 48k
#4 @ 11k

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Re post 1 loud seat belt chime:
I have similar complaint. Has anyone located it? It might just take a bit of masking tape over it to reduce loudness.
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