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I am trying to heal from extreme, long-term mold exposure. I tried to do this by leaving my house and possessions and taking supplements, and that has helped. The problem is that in the process of slowly detoxing I have become significantly more reactive to smaller amounts of mold to the point of near-anaphylaxis. There are almost no buildings I can go into and I've had to move 4 times in a year (not including times in hotels) as my system becomes more and more sensitive to where I am living.

In order to heal, I have to have fewer toxins coming into my body than leave it, with toxic molds being the most important thing for me to stay away from. The US has few homes that are completely mold-free and my city probably has none. (New ones are built without protection from the rain, so the mold is built right into them.)

I need to have control over where I live. I need to know it inside-out and put into it only things that will not feed mold. I need to control for moisture and be able to keep the humidity down. The solution that many people have found is to convert a van, drive it to places that have very good air and stay there until it gets too cold / too hot / there is smoke from fires, etc, and then drive to someplace else.

So that is why I am here.

I have just purchased a Promaster 136 WB, high roof. I have never owned a van before. (Assuming a minivan doesn't count.) My experience with DIY is little more than replacing a broken toilet flapper. I am doing what I have to do for my own health (and the health of my youngest son, age 12, who is also reacting to molds and who will be travelling with me.)

I have a lot of work to do before we can leave!
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