I came across these at a local auction and thought they would be perfect replacement for a plywood floor on my future van build (Might be years down the road as my current van is still going strong). Unfortunately, I had to buy the entire pallet of them or none of them, so I have some extras. (Currently have 6 of the 1/4" thick and 6 of the 1/2" panels).

These are not simply corrugated plastic, but are made in the USA by Plascore and are constructed of a honeycomb of polypropylene with a polypropylene surface sheeting. Stronger than similar thickness plywood, WAY lighter and they won't warp, absorb water or mold. They would be perfect for going over the metal floor of the Promaster or over insulation. Often used in aerospace and higher end marine applications where lightweight and high strength are required.

I am asking $100 per sheet for the 1/2" sheets and $80 for the 1/4" sheets. I will only sell them in lots of (3) as that's what's needed to cover the floor in a 159" or shorter PM. Located in Milford, Michigan which is about 1 hour West of Detroit. Due to the size of these panels shipping is not an option from my end, but if you want to arrange it I would be willing to assist.

• High strength-to-weight ratio
• Corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical and moisture resistant
• Sound and vibration dampening
• Energy absorbing
• Thermoformable
• Temperature use to 180°F
• Recyclable

Call or text (248)924-0554, email [email protected] or send me a PM.