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We purchased a 3500 that was delivered on May 2nd. It was delivered to us with 75 miles on it . It had sticker on the door that it was pulled for a random inspection from the factory and that there may be up to 60 miles on it when delivered. Fast forward 2 days later and the vehicle is displaying service hill assist and traction control. We take the vehicle in for service on May 5th with 123 miles on it. They call us within a week and tell us we can pick up the vehicle but the anti lock brakes won't work. We refuse as there was a snow storm coming in to Denver . They say the part is not in stock and that they can't pull it off of another vehicle because it has a vin number burned into the part. As of today the vehicle has been in the shop for 31 days. We have been talking to Dodge corporate and they say they are working on getting the part. I have never had such a bad experience with a dealer. They don't pick their phone up or respond to messages. It took them 10days to call us back to give us a status update. The only positive is they are paying for a express van rental but this is limited in size compared to promaster. In the last 10 years our company has owned 20 Chevy Express's and never had a problem even close to this. Should we be trying to lemon law this or what type of compensation should we be asking for ?

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It sounds like you qualify:

When a new vehicle has been purchased with
a manufacturer’s warranty and it has a defect
that substantially impairs its use and market
value within one year of purchase and that de
fect is not repaired after a “reasonable number of
attempts,” the consumer may have recourse
under Colorado’s Lemon Law. A court may
order the manufacturer to replace the vehicle or
refund the purchase price minus a reasonable
allowance for use of the vehicle.
Under the law, a “reasonable number of attempts”
to repair a defect applies when the
remains after it has been subject to repair four (4)
or more times within the first year after the date of
original delivery. It also applies when the vehicle
is out of service for repairs for a cumulative total
of thirty (30) or more business days during the
warranty term or one year after original delivery,
whichever comes first.

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