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174-horsepower, 295 lb.-ft. peak torque at 1,400 rpm

ProMaster uses Fiat’s 174-horsepower, 3.0-liter inline four-cylinder EcoDiesel engine that gives 295 lb.-ft. peak torque at 1,400 rpm. The 16-valve, dual-overhead cam engine has a 29,000-psi common-rail fuel-delivery system. New to Ram, the engine has been used in North America (by Mitsubishi Fuso trucks) for some time. The commercial vans and chassis-cabs have an isolated oil pan, hydraulic tappets and roller-finger followers, cast-iron engine block with bed-plate construction, lightweight alloy pistons, double-mass flywheel, and high-efficiency exhaust-gas recirculation cooler.
A quick-response, variable-geometry turbocharger gives higher boost at low engine speeds; its air intake is mounted on the driver’s side of the grille cross member and has a 30,000-mile service interval. A front-end accessory drive accommodates an optional 220-amp alternator (180-amp is standard). The engine uses Fiat’s MultiJet direction injection system.
An engine block heater is standard in Canada and optional in the U.S.; designed for better cold starts at temperatures as low as -40°F, it can be automatic activated with a digital timer.
Urea diesel exhaust fluid is integrated with heated lines to protect the system from freezing, and the five-gallon tank gives nearly 4,000 miles of service. A camshaft chain drive and high-pressure fuel pump with automatic tensioner provide durability, along with wear-resistant cylinder liners and oil-cooled pistons.

An oil-level sensor helps operators to get up to 18,500 miles between oil changes, increasing on-the-road time.
ProMaster has a three-point mounting system (instead of a four-point system) that includes a deep-skirt, die-cast aluminum block with six-bolt main caps, inverted-tooth chain drive, select-fit main and crankshaft bearings and lightweight pistons, structural windage tray and aluminum oil pan, and glass-reinforced nylon-composite intake manifold.

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