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With air travel restricted and international borders closed, there is no better time to explore the beautiful areas in which we live! And there is no better vehicle to do it in than this 2017 Ram Promaster converted into a camper van (ideal for mountain biking). I hate to let it go but my ex and I split up and must sell it!

We did most of the work ourselves and took the van on a cross-country road trip in the summer of 2018. It worked flawlessly throughout the whole trip. We took it on a couple shorter trips in the summer of 2019 (Utah, Bellingham, etc.). It has not been used in the winter at all (no exposure to salted roads) and has been stored in a heated boathouse in Whistler, BC when not in use (that is current location).

There are a couple items that we had professionally done as we didn’t want to risk messing them up: the spray foam insulation (see below), and the cutting and installation of the ceiling fan and windows (original receipts available). Also had a professional electrician review the electrical plan and help us install it.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of components below, but there is so much that goes in to creating something like this. If you have specific questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m available via email or phone.

The Van Itself
The van is a 2017 Ram Promaster, with the following specs:
• Clean title and zero accident history
• Fully owned, with no associated financing
• 159” wheelbase with tall roof
• Convenience package (Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, backup camera, etc.)
• Towing package with 2” trailer hitch and 7-pin electrical receiver
• Approximately 35,000 kilometers on the odometer
• Serviced at recommended intervals at Dodge dealerships
• Gas V6 with automatic transmission
• Front wheel drive

Layout and Living/Storage Area
The layout of the van is a raised bed (full size double bed) over a garage/storage area. There are storage cubbies over the bed that can fit clothes, etc. There is a long countertop with a sink on the driver side (with overhead cabinets) and a shorter countertop with cabinets on the side with the sliding door. Two windows that create great airflow when combined with the ceiling fan. Plenty of electrical outlets all over the van (kitchen, bed, garage). There are sliding bike racks and storage trays with heavy duty sliders underneath the bed. All the interior paneling is tongue and groove cedar which smells great!

• Bed: IKEA Meistervik with memory foam mattress topper
• Fan: MaxxAir 5100K with built in raincover (can be left open while raining or driving)
• Swivel Seat: Euro Camper Promaster Passenger Swivel Seat
• Windows: 2x CRL Universal Sliding Windows
• Awning: ARB 2500 providing an 8ft x 8ft shaded area
• Stove: CampChef Everest (not built in, so you can cook outside when it’s hot)
• Mosquito Net: Van Upgrades Promaster Screen
• Floor: Vinyl flooring from King of Floors in Surrey, heavy and durable
• Water Tank: 25 gallon
• Water Pump: Shurflo 2088-554-144 12v 3.5 Gallons / minute
• Water Filter: Pentek 10inch SlimLine Filter
• Fridge: NovaKool R3800

Insulation and Soundproofing
Laid down a ton of soundproofing on the wheel wells and floor to minimize road noise. We did a ton of insulation as we thought the van was going to see winter use. We got a Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver to do the interior, it is approximately 2” deep all the way around the rear end of the van. The doors are also stuffed with Polyiso boards in the areas that couldn’t be spray foamed.

Even if you don’t use it in winter, the insulation works both ways – the thick spray foam helps to keep the interior of the van cool when it is hot outside. And even with the spray foam on the ceiling, there is still enough clearance for a 6’1” person to stand in shoes without hitting their head.

Electrical System
We also went a little crazy on the electrical set up. There was absolutely no expense spared as we wanted to be able to run off the grid for days at a time and didn’t want to have to worry about running out of power or things breaking down. There is a detailed electrical schematic that I put together to go along with the van. There are breakers in all the appropriate places and the system is sufficient to power a microwave or kettle if desired.

The van has three charging sources:
1. Large solar panel with a massively oversized battery bank to charge whenever it is sunny
2. Shore power hookup to the inverter so you can plug in and charge while stationary
3. Automatic charging relay that charges the house batteries as you drive

Relevant electronic components specs are as follows:
• Solar Panel: 340W Hansol
• Charge Controller: Renogy Rover 40a MPPT
• Automatic Charging Relay: Blue Sea ACR 7610
• House batteries: 2x Universal 380Ah 6v Deep Cycle AGM batteries joined in series
• Inverter/Battery Charger: AIMS 1000W Pure Sine Inverter Charger
o Note: Will also come with a brand new Tripp Lite APS1250 as this was what we were originally going to use, but it didn’t arrive in time before we left for our trip
• Distribution Panel: PD5000 30 Amp AC/DC Power Control Panel
• Battery Monitor: Victron BMV-700

Pricing and Offers
I am asking $65,000CAD for the van. Something equivalent from a RV dealership would cost well over $120,000 new. Open to a discussion on pricing but will ignore lowballs. This is a great deal for a US buyer given the strength of the USD against the CAD right now.

Given the COVID-19 situation and the fact that I am in Vancouver and the van is in Whistler, I am entertaining serious buyers only! Not interested in tire kickers or flakes, since any showing is going to be a 4-hr round trip from the city. Happy to provide more details on anything via email or calling. Please only inquire if serious!







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Hi Scott. Good job on the van. I just thought I'd check with you as I'm selling my van that is in many ways very similar, down here in California. Have you got any interest off of this forum in the van? Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks Eric
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