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2016 Promaster City oil consumption and oozing from coolant reservoir

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Hi I just bought a 2016 Promaster City with around 70,000 miles.

Right after buying the van I have been experiencing a lot of oil consumption, I also noticed that instead of coolant there was water in the coolant reservoir. A couple weeks after owning the van I noticed the oil down and the water was low in the coolant reservoir. A couple of days later I noticed it looked like someone poured a chocolate milkshake in the coolant reservoir!!!
I thought great I just bought a car with a leaking head gasket or cracked head or block. The weird thing is there is no coolant on the oil dipstick...
I rented a combustion leak tester to check the level of combustion gases in the engine coolant. I was very surprised that the test failed to detect any combustion gases in the engine coolant. Since the test failed, makes me think the oil cooler may have failed, or perhaps because of the amount of oil in the coolant the combustion leak tester doesn't work? Pictures attached, I followed the directions the leak tester fluid never changed color, but the "milkshake like fluid" over followed when I shut off the hot engine.

My aim is to go after the Oil Consumption Recall but not sure having oil in the coolant is going to void the recall, or help me go after the recall?

Watch Liquid Water Bottle Blue

I'm considering the following:

(A) Try and pursue the Oil Consumption Recall with the oil in the coolant reservoir; however concerned if the dealership notices oil in the coolant reservoir it void the Oil Consumption Recall?

(B) Would it best to rule out the oil cooler, perhaps replacing it and seeing if this solves the oil in coolant issue, then flush it, then monitor the oil consumption.

Again my aim is to go after the Oil Consumption Recall, I imagine my engine is not in good shape and so want to make sure I don't do anything that will effect the likeliness of qualifying for the recall.

The car is off the road now as I'm afraid to drive it.
Anyone here have this experience, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you,
Hawaii 50


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Anyone know if my engine will qualifying for the Oil Consumption Recall???
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