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So I ordered a 2nd PMC, and got the Tradesman SLT trim because I was under the impression that I wanted all the features and the nicer body (painted panels, etc) - was told the SLT is indeed what I wanted.

But I cannot enable the SXM as there is no button for it on the 5.0 screen, even though my glove box had a pamphlet welcoming me to SXM, the manual indicated that both 5.0" screen models have uconnect and SXM and what not.

Not sure if my radio needs a flash or it can be unlocked... put a call into the dealership about it but because it's a holiday their "3 day 100% satisfaction" period may lapse in their favor... ugh.

There is no way to play cd's in there or a sd card, so just a FM/AM radio is crap, especially since the SLT is supposed to be "all the bells and features on the PMC"

The media hub doesn't allow me to play my iPod via USB, it says "Files not playable" when jacked in, and my iPhone 7 doesn't have a phono out for the aux-in.

Wondering if I got a dud, or if I can simply swap the headunit... or the dealership owes me a headunit, etc.

Not super critical, but I did factor this in the purchase of a vehicle, specifically since I sold a car to the dealership with the intentions of swapping my sxm from that challenger INTO the PMC.

I log about 25k miles per year, so audio is a thing. No I don't want to just stream it from my iphone bluetooth since 1) data runs out FAST and 2) bluetooth on uconnect doesn't allow a browse function, which kinda stinks.

any ideas of what to do? would love to keep this stock/oem if possible.
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