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There’s another recall campaign for the Ram ProMaster this month.

The company just finished announcing its plan to recall the ProMaster cargo van, which is actually a re-badged Fiat Ducato, for a problem with the accelerator. With that out of the way, it can “go.” Having solved that issue, now the company is calling more vans back because they might have damaged brakes hoses. In other words, they might not stop properly.

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According to NHTSA documents, 5,664 of the Italian-American runabouts may have suffered damage to their brake hoses during production. What’s worse, the documents show that the vehicles affected in this recall campaign were manufactured at the same time as the 9,655 vans affected in the previous recall. In other words, they’re probably the same van.

Chrysler says it will ask owners with affected vehicles to bring their vans to a dealer for an inspection. If the vans have damaged brake hoses, they will be replaced free of charge.

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