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2014 Ram Promaster 1500 136” WB standard roof, Silver.
Purchase date: July 29, 2015
Current mileage: 16 680 KM (I purchased it with 300 KM on it)

General overview:

My old van is a 1997 GMC Savana 2500, so it is not hard to beat that review lol. My other employee is driving this now. This new Promaster is awesome compared to it. I should have made the purchase long ago. I did not want to get the high roof model as I hate my vehicles to be too bulky, and the 136” WB was perfect for what I need. I have about 12” more headroom in this new van compared to my old one. The width and length of cargo area are similar but they new van is nicer as the layout is better set up. I have a heating and air conditioning business so this van is perfect. I have it set up a little differently when comparing the summer and winter months, but it works awesome for both. I have attached pictures as well. More pictures to come later when I get a chance to take better pictures.

-Awesome amount of cargo space
-Good turning radius

-Seats are very uncomfortable. Don't think mine came with lumbar support.
-No tilt on the steering wheel. What were they thinking?!!
-Brakes squeak, just more annoying than anything
-Need a funnel to add washer fluid lol

I have made many upgrades to this van, all of which were very worth it.

-I installed front door speakers, JL audio, as well an adding in a 12” sub with amp. The sub box was custom built to fit under my custom built shelf. It is very loud. I love it. I found the sub on clearance for $10.

Back up camera:
-The factory screen wasn’t big enough for me, so I bought a back up camera from Costco.ca and mounted the screen on the left side of the dash. It is a very large screen but over time I got used to it. The camera was mounted on the rear in place of the middle top marker light. It fit perfectly. The brand is Rear View Safety.

-I do not use my van much for work, but needed a hitch as I do have a car I take to shows. It is a Turbo Hayabusa Smart Car. The van is not the greatest tow vehicle but it does just fine.

Ladder rack:
-My old van had a regular ladder rack, and it was kind of a pain to get the ladders off. On this Promaster, I knew a regular rack would not cut it as it is very high. I ended up purchasing the Max Rack by Ranger. It has a rack on both the passenger and driver side, and it can be lowered with a long lever. Super pricey but it has saved me so much time.

Cargo area flooring:
-The flooring I ended up buying was the KK plus by Legend Fleet Solutions. It is a wood base with textured top. My only complaint is that if you brake hard and cargo is not secure, it will take a slide lol. It has held up so far. The edges I may be modifying as they are the weak points that may break or have gashes put in them if you aren’t too careful. I may add a metal strip to go along the edges to beef it up.

-My van did not come with side and rear windows. I knew this was something I needed. I ordered the windows from CR Laurence. They came tinted as well.

Phone holder:
-Mounted it above air vent, in a good spot if I need to use GPS as well as charging it. Pro Clip USA.

-I custom built my wood shelving to fit my tools and boxes etc. I made sure whether I was working in the summer or winter that all of my tools would fit nicely. I also built wood boxes around the wheel wells so I can use those areas as storage. Painted everything black. I put a cargo net over the shelf to keep anything from sliding off.

Light bar:
-Custom mounted an LED light bar on front. It fit perfectly lol. Pics soon.

Things to come:
I have a few things I want to get done in the future which are not limited to the following:

-My company decals (Should have done this already but I have had no time)
-A more comfortable drivers seat
-LED lighting all throughout van interior set up on 2 switches
-Running boards
-Bazooka tube for my ¾” pvc piping. (I will probably make it out of 6” ABS)


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Nice upgrades! Is that KK-Plus flooring a gray? Checked out their website and only saw it in black. I see that product as both the subfloor and the main floor. I plan on insulating the flooring - do you see that being a problem with the KK-Plus?

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This is a 4 year old thread. I doubt the op is even on the forum anymore as his last post was 3 years ago.

2019 136wh hr ProMaster, Tx
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:rolleyes: Oh dang, I need to pay more attention. That's what I get for posting at 4:30 am. lol . I did contact the vendor in Houston so waiting on a quote. I figure insulation won't be an issue.
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