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Hey All,

Upon completion of my van I have decided to put it out there for sale. It is not something I need to sale, but would enjoy selling it for a fair price. I have enjoyed this van, and I will enjoy another if I sell this one. I enjoy building out vans and it may be time to do another. Below is a link to a video of the van and the craigslist ad but I will just post the craigslist ad text here. Thanks for looking. Please e-mail: [email protected] for inquiries/questions/interest.




CRAIGSLIST AD Below, click link for pictures:

Custom Colorado Camper- Ram 1500 Promaster- 3.6L Pentastar V6 280 HP. Front Wheel Drive. City-16MPG; HWY 21MPG. 46,700 Miles


The first of its kind in the nation to my knowledge. I know it was the first for Colorado Camper Van (CCV). Almost certain that Sportsmobile was not doing pop tops yet for the Promaster when I had this complete last January. I am selling the vehicle because building vans is a passion and hobby for me. I am going to do the same thing all over again. With this being said, I will not lose money on this van. It is a custom made camper van with a lot of cash, blood, sweat, and tears in it. Please NO LOW BALL offers. I do NOT need to sell it. I would however enjoy selling it for a fair price to start building another.

So many great things about this vehicle. I get asked about it EVERYWHERE I go. killer van for anyone wanting an adventure-mobile. What really sets this van apart is that it takes and sleeps 4 people. Most of the sprinters/camper vans out there take two, sleep two.

I have been converting it with CCV for the past 7 months. 95% was done by them. I installed the swivel seat and had the radio done else where. Pretty much everything else was done professionally by CCV. They are:

- Custom Pop Top- Sleeps up to 6'8ft. Insulated vinyl (upgrade), on remote control. 6 windows that can be unzipped to clear vinyl (see outside), then another layer unzipped to mesh. The bed also folds back so you can have standing height throughout the van when parked. You can also just take the panels out all together if you don't need them and just want to sleep in the downstairs bed. LED Lighting on dimmers.

- Lighting- 2 main switches, both on dimmers. One for upstairs, one for downstairs.
- Kitchenette- 2 burner propane stove with sink that has automatic pump (no hand pump, they suck..) Slider underneath for cooler/fridge. Storage/cabinets. Soft close latches that lock.
- Battery system/inverter- extra auxiliary battery that has a smart solenoid. Basically if you run out of power for your aux battery it will not start feeding off your car battery. It closes the current and it makes sure your car battery is charged before charging your aux battery. 2000W inverter. Strong enough for a small fridge or microwave. I use it just for phones, laptops, bluetooth devices, etc. USB and wall plugs.
- Swivel Seat- Passenger seat Swivels and creates a usable seat when parked.
- Custom removable Bench Seat- Sprinter seat that has been welded and bolted through the frame. With seat belts, removable.
- Custom Flooring- Heavy duty custom fit to floor mats that are very easy to remove and clean.
- Paneling and insulated
- Windows- Both windows in the cargo area are by CR Laurence. Both have the ability to open for venting. One is a slider (passenger side), the other is opened by turn knobs on the bottom (driver side)
- Downstairs Bed- Custom first of its kind storage bed. Awesome quality firm open cell foam bed with storage inside the bed itself. The lids are on gas struts so you don't have to hold the lids open. There are storage openings on both the back and front of the bed. There is also a switch that provides lighting under the bed.
- Fan-tastic Fan- For ventilation on summer days. Feels like AC when its on!
- 50' LED Light Bar- Awesome for rolling into your camp site at night and seeing EVERYTHING there is around you. Also nice to turn on for your friends while they set up their tents... (suckers....)

Please shoot me an e-mail with any questions. Please serious inquires only.
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