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Hi All!

I have finally purhcased my 159 2500 promaster! I've played around with different mockups and layouts, but here's what I think im settling on, and would like your feedback to see if theres anything I am missing/havent thought of. The mockup is not 100% drawn to scale (quick mockup), but I will include dimensions below, as well as features I am putting in there. The mockup was built on a 159 EXT so disregard everything after the bed.

My plan
Live in this vehicle full time to work and travel the country. I plan on staying mostly in warmer climates, and the ability to seat more than 2 is an absolute must. I will live myself in it full time to work my remote job and fish across the country, but friends will be joining along the ride at times.

Comes with factory wood composite floor

Driver/Passenger seats
Both will be swiveling, with the driver seat only doing a 3/4 turn due to the galley.

Aluminum Galley (23" deep X 43" wide)
Built in Sink with automatic pump and 3 tanks for fresh water and 1 tank for gray water
No built in stove - I will be using a regular propane coleman type stove due to versatility and price effectiveness.
1 Novakool 3000 fridge on the right side of the galley
Underneat the sink will be the water jug storage

Overhead storage
Two open face over head storage units each measuring 48". One will be above the galley for storage of food, utensils, etc whatever else
The second overhead storage will be above the bed on driver side for clothes storage.
I also plan to hang a tension bar between teh two voerhead storages, and get a cloth tote that drops down to store clothes there too, as well as hang jackets etc.
Bungee cords strung across D rings on ceilings to hold my fishing rods

3 panel removable Full size bed panels that comes out completely

3 Seater sofa
3 seater sofa that has lap belts built in, and foads down into a bed as well.
The sofa is also able to be fully removed from the vehicle.

Safe Storage
Under the sofa will be a safe bolted to the floor for storage of valuables

I will mostly be powering cell phones, lap top, 4G Signal Booster, battery banks, LED lights, novakool fridge and water pump, and occasional shower
One 160W GoPower Fixed panel on the roof
1800 Watt Inverter, as well as converter
2 12V 100 Ah batteries stored next to galley and couch
Ability to plug in for shore power
2 110 Plugs
5 12V plugs scattered around the vehicle (1 by bed, 2 by driver side galley, 1 by passenger side couch, one under the bed storage.
Ability to plug in an additional portable solar panel will be included as well

Under bed storage
No bike racks or anything, just wide open storage space under the full size bed

8 Warm led lights that can be turned on and off in blocks of 4, and on and off individually within each block

No built in heater – will use Mr buddy heater

No built in shower – will use Mr. Heater BOSS-XCW20 Basecamp Battery and propane Operated Shower for external showers

Vented T window on driver side by galley
1 maxair 7500 fan above galley so I can cook inside when it rains and have the fan running for ventilation
1 Maxair 4500 above bed

No built in toilet – will use a thetford type porta potty for emergencies.

4G unlimited Verizon plan with WeBoost 4GX Signal Booster w External Magnetic Antenna - hopeully will give me decent signal for the most part.

Work Station
the only thing I have not figured out is a desk for work. I cant use the galley since even if I got a seat, I cant put my legs under the galley as there are doors and a fridge there.
I’m thinking the best bet is a foldable table of some sort from IKEA, which I can set up in front of the passenger seat or couch and use it as a work station. Not sure how comfortable this will be – guess I just need to find the right height table etc. This can also double as a cooking table outside. Other option is a drop down table along the wall, but this seems less versatile than the fodlable table

Any thoughts on the work station/desk? Any other ideas for the mockup?

I think that covers all – Am I missing anything? Do I have enough solar? Happy to hear your thoughts!!!


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I find my folding table very versatile for lots of things. Not in the way when stowed. There are many good folding chairs on market that can be paired with table for inside and outside use. If you r living in this consider connecting the 2 overheads for much more easily accessible storage for dry goods, utensils, linens, etc. Didn't see anything under that space that would conflict.

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I may have an idea for a table/work station. Check out this video...it may work to the left of your galley. When installed it could swivel into that space so it is out of the way. then rotate out in front of the galley, or even on the right side of the galley, so you could use it from the drivers seat.

With the right dimensions it would be quite versatile. I plan on using something similar in my van.


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Nice ideas and layout! Please add the diagrams and your thoughts to our Floorplans Thread

We use a folding table, size depending on trips... for most, I keep a black 20" x 40" height adjustable one (folded in half) in the van. From Walmart for about $25. If I thinl I need more space I also have a 24" x 48" adjustable height table that goes in the aisle between the couches...great workspace for card playing, ham radio expeditions, etc! Lots of adjustable height options out there.

I second RD's butane stove recommendation! Takes up no space, and works great.... caterers use 'em for at-the-table cooking.

Lighting thoughts: remote control dimmable setup - really cheap options on eBay...dimmable is useful in a variety of situations!

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