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Hey there! I recently purchased a new 2017 1500 136 High roof and found this site to be super helpful and inspiring, so thanks to everyone here contributing their time and efforts!

I'm a 31 year old freelance creative living in Seattle, and my work is mostly video and photo oriented. I do a little apparel design and graphic work on the side but my main focus is telling stories with images. Although financing the van was a huge commitment for me, I think that purchase represents a new chapter in my life and commitment to my craft.

I've owned an Isuzu Amigo, Subaru Impreza and Outback, and a Toyota Tacoma, so the goal is to get something that combines the best of each of these vehicles and more to get me around the city, to the mountains, through the snow, and back home safely. I need utility, versatility, power, and space, and the ProMaster ended up being the perfect compromise of every feature. Thus far she's nameless but I'm working on that as I get to know her with each project- open to suggestions!

I have limited building experience- enough to get by, and the plan is to take this process in phases to keep the work load manageable, but my goal is to get her wired, insulated, and heated by winter time for overnight ski missions. I frequent this site for guidance and inspiration so if anyone has any suggestions I'm open and grateful.

Phase 1:
Bed platform, temporary carpet and table, hooks, vent fan, sliding door window, BFGoodrich AT tires, Plasti-dip stock wheels.

Phase 2:
Wire and insulate, finish interior panels, design and build stowing bed (murphy or drawbridge?), design kitchenette, install additional seating (open to suggestions with all of these!).

Phase 3:
Install Cubic mini cub wood stove, 2" front leveling kit, maybe additional windows (rear doors and driver's side middle panel)

We've taken it on one good road trip to Idaho for the eclipse but that's all so far- it's been a great vehicle and I can't wait to share more!

thanks for checking in!


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Welcome. Insulation can be done inexpensively and it give great benefits in terms of quiet and warmth. Think Polyisocyanurate sheets from H-D 1” and great stuff installed with a progun from Amazon and some Thinsulate from Hein for the ribs.


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