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    Greetings, This is Frank in Seattle Washington, who recently bought a 2016 118" ProMaster 1500. I need to fix the horn, and it is not the fuse or the relay, and put in a house battery charging circuit to run a Norcold fridge and MaxAir fan.
  2. Electronics
    I saw where you can buy a goal zero prewiring kit. Is it worth the cost? is there other places to buy something like that at a decent price? This one was over $1500. Thank you!!!
  3. Electronics
    Hi all, Bought a 2020 Promaster EXT a few months back that I'm ever so slowly converting into a campervan. Right now I'm redoing the sound system, and I bought a Dasaita PX6 10.2" touch screen head unit. Where I'm stuck is the wiring. Is there an adapter I can buy that plugs into the OEM harness...
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    I've got a 2014 Ram Promaster 2500 High Roof I'm converting and I want to cover the whole interior with insulation, wood etc. Then I was working on the rear passenger side cargo area and I found this 12V power socket. I really don't want or have any need to plug into the battery from the rear of...