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  1. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Hello all, First off I don’t have a heater that will run while I’m away from the van. I'm designing simple plumbing... faucet at sink, and line out back for bike wash/shower. So how do I deal with this scenario? I go skiing; it’s like 20 deg Fahrenheit out. I’m gone for 8 hours... will the...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone! We live in California, where winter road conditions in the mountains often require tire chains (having snow tires doesn't get you off the hook...). When we purchased our PM we also had to sign paperwork indicating that using tire chains would void the warranty on the car. Our...
  3. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hello! I'm Stephen and I moved from california to alaska in my van! I travel for work and have the potential of going to the north slope for up to 6 months. I am worried about winterizing my van. I have things sorted out on the inside but I am more worried about my engine and transmission...
1-3 of 3 Results